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Welcome to the "1 Month Challenge" Affiliate Tools Page! We’re happy to offer you quality cookbooks, meals plans and information that your vegan audience will love and that you can feel great about.

You'll make 75% front-end commissions on all sales when you promote our digital products. Your audience will love us because we care about their health, the environment and animals. Each product was also created to increase their well-being. From delicious recipes, to products that improve their gut health, skin, sleep, weight loss and stress levels - there’s truly something for everyone interested in switching to a plant based "vegan diet".

Our sales funnels and swipe copy are optimized and proven to convert across multiple markets such as vegan, health, weight- loss, nutrition, fitness, clean eating, gluten free, diabetes, soccer moms, pain and recovery, mental health, meditation and many more.

The tried-and-true strategies and resources we provide will help you start earning profits immediately. This means super easy and time-efficient ways for you to maintain trust with your audience and start watching sales roll-in with extremely high commissions.

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1 month vegan challenge

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1 month vegan challenge

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